Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh my good lord!

Last night I did the impossible. My mom called me at work and asked me if I could come over and rake some leaves for her. Of course I agreed, and by four thirty i was braving the freezing cold weather. (O.k., so it was like 35, but that's damn close enough!) Twenty-four bags, three hours, and as many blisters later, I finally finished. Oh, and by that time it was officially freezing, so i wasn't so far off.

I learn a few things from this project.

1. I have an awesome husband who is learning that anytime my mom is involved, one should add at least 30% to the allotted time frame. He also got out there and busted his ass to help pick up the million piles, or I might still be out there.

2. When Mom calls for "a little help", see #1. If she bribes with food, double it.

3. In a pinch, socks work almost as well as gloves.

4. Chili's fajitas suck, and should never be an acceptable payment for leaf raking.

5. When in doubt, just call in.

The last is in reference to my morning. I'm an avid bus rider, and when gas was threatening four dollars, it saved us tons. Like maybe a nice vacation worth. Seeing as it was freezing this morning, and some ice, The Man decided it would be good for all involved to just take me to work. (He can tell my mood by what the temp outside reads. Cold is never a good day.)

The down side to this is I have to be there by 6:30 so he won't be late to the great north. Silly me thought I was just tired and needed coffee. Silly girl. Two cups of coffee and two hours later I was in the bosses office asking for vacation time (June trip to in-laws), and sick time. Sometimes it sucks not driving to work. Like when it's 8:30, 32 degrees outside (not counting the wind), and you have to wait for the bus.

Sometimes we all just need to call in sick.

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