Saturday, January 24, 2009

Austin Weekend

I really love living in this town. Sure, it's changed a lot, and definitely isn't the same place I grew up in, but the heart is still there. Sure, there are a ton of new, corporate, things and people that have come around the last five years or so. And I swear, if one more landmark gets torn down in the name of development I may scream. The Man & I actually shouted with joy when the Statesman declared the death of the condo surge in Austin.
That's what makes Saturday mornings like this one so much sweeter. The Man & I bundled up and ventured down to the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market for, what I hoped, would be the bulk of this weeks grocery shopping. Alas, it was very cold, very windy, and only the crazies were out shopping. We did manage to score some milk, a few veggies, and a cup of very good coffee. The bulk of the vendors were more on the arts side of things, although not a one fiber goodness in sight.
Once we reached out freezing point, we headed to Maria's Taco Express for some warmth, more coffee, and great tacos. I am such a spaz and left my camera at home, but trust me, if you've never been, it's well worth the wait. The chimichurri is to die for. Mmmm.
In other news, I have finished the monkey socks and LOVE THEM! I've been referring to them as my Rainbow Bright socks. Now I just need to find my next project...probably a hat for The Man.

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