Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is harder then I thought

I'm still working on my 101 list. It has proved to be more difficult then I had originally thought it would be. This is what I have so far.

1. Finish 101 list
2. knit large project (sweater, blanket, ect.)
3. Volunteer w/ habitat for humanity on at least one project
4. Start back to college
5. Take 3 knitting classes
6. Pay off student loans
7. Pay off credit cards and other debt
8. Save 6000 by 12/31/09
9. Plan and enjoy trip to NYC January 2010
10. Plan & take trip for 2010
11. Plan & take trip for 2011
12. Loose 10 post wedding pounds and maintain for at least 6 months
13. Read one book a month for 12 consecutive months
14. Replace one item of clothing every other month for 12 months
15. Renew DL
16. Change name on all major documents
17. Obtain a passport
18. Edit wedding pics
19. Order coffee table book from wedding for each of four parents
20. Purchase curtains for apartment
21. Hang pictures & decorate apartment
22. Learn to make paella
23. Cook dinner at home at least four days a week for six months
24. Take vineyard tour w/ Drew
25. Host major holiday
26. Finish a 10k (running)
27. Sign up for PE2
28. Bake bread
29. Take Mom for a cruise
30. sign up for a Pilates class
31. Eat at least 1/4 of all food from either sustainable or organic farm. Meet/milk/eggs carefree/hormone free. Follow for three months.
32. Take kayaking class
33. Save for & host a girls only night/weekend.
34. Treat myself to a day at the spa.
35. Get hair died fab shade of red & maintain for at least 6 months.
36. Get hair cut every 8 weeks for at least 6 months.
37. Apply for and interview for Acct. Asso. position.
38. Make Andrew his black hat
39. Make 12 pairs of socks for myself
40. Make 2 pairs of socks for Mom, before her surgery.
41. Make pair of socks for Lenora, Molly, & Ashley.
42. Get new library card
43. Update resume
44. Work SXSW one year
45. Camp at Big Bend for a week
46. Talk with a lender about what needs done to qualify for a house
47. Do what lender suggests
48. Open an IRA
49. Coordinate a “girlfriends’” photo shoot. (Bonus if we can use Nichole)
50. Do B. Pics
51. Do TTD pics
52. Have dress cleaned
53. Have dress shortened so I can wear it out.
54. Take a theater/photo make up class
55. See a play on Broadway
56. Make perfect sangria
57. Meet someone great
58. Be moved to tears by beauty or kindness
59. Go skydiving
60. Eat a luxurious meal
61. Invent something and have it patented
62. Surprise Drew
63. Organize a large camping trip
64. Take a photography class
65. Take a computer class
66. Plant a potted herb garden, and keep it alive for 3 months

102. bonus: say yes more then no

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