Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank God it’s finally Friday!

There’s this country station in Corpus Christi, and every Friday, right around the time I was taking my check from the faboo temp agency to be cashed they would play this song. (They very well still might, I just don’t much care anymore, as I was able to escape, barely, the evil clutches of that city.) I have no idea what the song is called, and in fact have never heard it in it’s entirety, but the jist is Thank God it’s Friday, I just got paid, and I’m spending’ it all on booze. Yep, sounds about right. Only this Friday is not my payday Friday, so I’ll have to settle with the leftover beer from our NYE party. (Yep, still have that beer. I have the bestest, most generous friends who filled my fridge with the nectar of the gods.)

And oh, after my bus ride home from work, I need one. Hang on, need sustenance. Mmmmm. Tecate & lime.

Anyways, first I wait in the freezing cold weather (o.k., it’s like 45 or something, but this is Texas people, central Texas.) for the overly crowded bus. When it does finally arrive, I end up sitting next to an obviously drunk gentleman, on his way to work, telling me that crocheting is the most difficult, intricate work a woman can do. Ummm…what? First off, as I dumbly informed him, I was knitting, and by the way, whatthefuckdidyousay?!? That’s right up there with the guy asked me, like I was a four year old, why I didn’t just buy my socks in a store. Wasn’t it easier & cheaper that way? (This was also one of those college/fresh out kiddos who obviously just scored a job at the state capital & needs everyone to see him in his new suit.) Anyways. During my fifteen minute ride I also had lady just from the hospital talking about how they just packed something, the lady telling everyone her small child, on the bus with her, has just been diagnosed w/ strep, and the guy phone-sexing up his girlfriend. Seriously? On the bus? Whatever.

But I love riding my bus to & from work. It saves us so much time and money. Money that can be spent on other things, fiber-ey things.

This (wonderfully, nice, long) weekend I plan on finally finishing up my monkey socks, and maybe even heading to SoCo (oh, that hurts every time) to check out the awesome Hill Country Weavers, and maybe look for something to make a clapotis out of. That GC is just burning a hole in my glove box.

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