Thursday, September 3, 2009

Some days would be better spent in bed

More and more I have been feeling this way. Not because I'm sad or depressed, or have a really great bed, but because I'm so fucking sleepy all of the time. I think this morning I found our why.

As allergy season approches, and then worsens, snoring in my house enters epic proportions. I think Drew is going for some kind of record or something. It took on new hights this morning.

Nomally, when I wake up and hear him snoring I can either give him a slight push or roll him onto his side. Then I can typically resume my nights sleep. Neither tequnique worked this morning, which ultamitly resulted in a rather ticked off me throwing off the covers and muttering (maybe a bit more then a mutter) a few choise phrases at 5:30. Granted, that's not too early, but I had been laying there for an hour with no break in the motor.

So hey, I may look like I could kill you this morning, but at least I have on makeup. (and I even made it in early to work this morning)

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